In LAICA we watch over the development of the sector and promote initiatives to offer a sustainable product to the market.

In a joint effort between the organization, mills and producer chambers, the Sectorial Sustainability Protocol was designed, which identified priority topics for walking aligned towards sustainability. 

This document allows us to have a work and progress roadmap for each material, adding the efforts of 12 mills, 6 producer chambers and 8,000 producers to continue being a socially responsible sector.


This program is intended to work on sustainability throughout the sugarcane sector. It works in partnership with AED to design a series of tools that facilitate progress in each subject, both for sugar mills and for cane producers.

The main areas of work are:

  • Sustainability.
  • Labor practices.
  • Child and adolescent labor.
  • Environment.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Associativity.
  • Finance.
  • Information technology.
  • Gender equality.

This program has installed structures and many tools on issues of sustainability and technology transfer for the sugar sector that, in the medium and long term, can be replicated to all producers, sugar mills and cane producers in the country.

Additionally, it has support in printed materials and forms, as well as digital tools and online courses to take advantage of the technology that will bring younger generations to the sector and expand our scope of coverage throughout the country in less time.

If you want the summary of this project, you can download it here:


Reaping Future

The platform Cultivating the Future, is a space for the whole Sugar Cane Sector in Costa Rica, with the objective of providing general information to increase the knowledge and concepts related to sustainability.

Reaping Union

In 2018 we celebrated the First Meeting of Women Producing Sugarcane in order to make visible the role they play.

2. Business alliances and agreements

At LAICA, we have strategic relationships at the national and international level with public, private and academic institutions, with the purpose of promoting and strengthening collaboration and cooperation links for research, innovation and positive social impact.

The agreements and alliances allow us the acquisition of seeds, vegetative material of varieties and strains of entomopathogenic fungi (at an agronomic level), also the official exchange of sugar cane varieties and the joint development of research and technology transfer projects, as well as the economic financing.

At a social level, we work to eradicate child labor and extreme poverty, empower job opportunities for people with disabilities, promote human rights and sustainability in the value chain.