Federation of chambers of sugarcane producers

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The Federation of Chambers of Sugarcane Producers (FEDECAÑA, for its acronym in Spanish), established on October 25, 1971 is an entity that represents, promotes, and defends the interests and rights of sugarcane producers in Costa Rica.

This organization is in charge of representing the sugarcane sector in the Sugar Cane Industry Association.

Its foundation was initiated by the Chambers of Sugarcane Producers from Atlantic, Pacific and San Carlos. Currently, the Federation consists of the Atlantic Sugarcane Producers Association, the Pacific Sugarcane Producers Association, the San Carlos Sugarcane Producers Chamber, the Puntarenas Sugarcane Producers Chamber, the Guanacaste Sugarcane Producers Chamber and the Southern Area Sugarcane Producers Chamber.

According the Organic Law of Sugarcane Agriculture and Industry No 7818, this entity is responsible for the representation of the sugarcane sector before the Sugarcane Industry Association.

The main purposes of the Federation are:

  • Engage, in accordance with the statutes and provisions of Law N ° 7818 and its Regulations, associations of cane producers, in order to exercise the duties and fulfill other objectives assigned to them by the established legal systems.
  • Defend the rights of cane producers, derived from the Law and regulations mentioned above.
  • Ensure the existence of good relations between the affiliated chambers.
  • Work towards the harmonious development of cane agriculture.
  • Achieve a representative participation in the sugarcane industry association of the different agro-industrial zones dedicated to this crop and its practices, which allow the efficient and coordinated management of the duties and responsibilities that Law No. 7818 assigns to the sugarcane sector, which supplies cane to make sugar.
  • Participate, subject to Law No. 7818, in the Sugarcane Industry Association.
  • Appoint or replace the owner and alternate members of the sugarcane sector in the Multi-Personal Bodies of the Sugarcane Association, subject to the provisions of Law No. 7818 and its Regulations.
  • Appoint and replace the corresponding members responsible for the designation within the sugarcane sector in the Decentralized Service Directories and Permanent Advisory Commissions established by the Regulations of Law No. 7818 or by the competent organs of the sugarcane association.
  • Other powers assigned to the Federation by the regulations and statutes established by Law No 7818.


  • It consists of 10 members from each agro-industrial zone of the country. In total, there are 60 producers. The 10 members that are named from each zone are chosen between the producers affiliated to the chamber of said zone and the non-affiliated producers, in proportion to the total number of sugar cane suppliers.
  • Is responsible, among other aspects of interest, to appoint the representatives of the area before the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of FEDECAÑA.
  • It is made up of 30 members, 5 for each area, with their respective alternates.
  • Is responsible, among other aspects of interest, to appoint the representatives of FEDECAÑA before the collegiate bodies of LAICA (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Marketing Council and deconcentrated bodies), as well as the counsel.
  • It is formed by a member of each agro-industrial zone, with its respective substitute.
  • Faculties and obligations of the Directive Council:
  1. Fulfill the policies of the Federation, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the statutes.
  2. Execute the agreements and resolutions of the General Assembly, except in cases in which they are clearly opposed to the statutes.
  3. Enforce their own provisions.
  4. Establish and organize the services and activities of the Federation.
  5. To fulfill its objectives and adopt all the measures that are not specifically reserved for the General Assembly.
  6. Appoint and remove the persons representing the Federation in deconcentrated service directories and permanent advisory committees of the Sugarcane Industry Association.
  7. Examine and resolve with complete independence their concerning matters.
  8. Assign and approve the expenditures and the expenses of the Federation, according to the system established.
  9. To call the General Assembly to ordinary and extraordinary sessions, indicating day, place and time.
  10. Appoint attorneys and setting their attributions with the same limitations prescribed in the statutes.
  11. Perform and fulfill other obligations and attributions indicated in the statutes.
  • This person is elected by the General Assembly.
  • Responsible for ensuring the compliance with the provisions of the statutes, the Associations Law and its Regulations.
  • Is the administrator and advisor of the Federation, with the authority of a legal representative.

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