At LAICA we not only specialize in the sugar that thousands of Costa Ricans enjoy every day, but we also manage a large variety of products that generate added value to the sugarcane production and widen the portfolio both in the market and in the pantry of every home in the country. Learn about them here.

Azucar Doña Maria provides the natural energy that should be present in every Costa Rican’s diet, regardless of their age. Sugar intake in a balanced diet and regular exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle, which is essential for the proper functioning of the organism.

This instant powdered beverage with an exotic combination of refreshing flavors, invites the whole family to discover its flavor. It contains Stevia extract and is low in calories. Ideal as beverage, smoothie, ice cream, cocktail, and more.

REFORMULATE AND CHOSE THE NATURAL!   Natuvia is a 100% natural alternative for sweetening and cooking. Have you ever heard of the Stevia plant? It is world renowned for its sweet taste and is the main ingredient in our sweetener. If you want to reformulate your favorite drinks and dishes with fewer calories and a delicious flavor, Natuvia is for you.

Changing the flavor of the world is the motto Zukra lives by when they get to every kitchen in the country. This raw sugar is made up of golden crystals covered in molasses that provide an unparalleled flavor to every recipe, aside from the unique aroma and texture.

Dulceti is the brand that challenges creativity to create the most delicious inventions in the kitchen. The objective of this product is to revolutionize gastronomy in the simplest and most fun way possible.

Hidra is a hydrating beverage with sugar to provide energy and electrolytes, it acts by helping reestablish the balance of bodily fluids lost through sweat, so it is the recommended option for those who work in very exhausting work environments.

Victoria is a line of high-end sugar. This refined sugar was developed under the highest quality standards and envisioned for the most sophisticated meals and desserts, thanks to its color, texture and fineness.

Juan Viñas sugar comes from a land of workers and tradition, a product as pure and natural as the area of the country it is named after.